Leela Memorial School

Leela Memorial School (LMS) was founded on September 21, 2022, by the founder, Yogesh Uniyal, and co-founders amidst a gathering of holy men, ascetics, ordinary men, and women who have dedicated themselves to the service of God. amidst the Yajna the founder and co-founders laid the foundation stone of the school at the village of Peeli Padav, Haridwar. It is an educational institution which imparts quality education to the children of those who cannot afford to send their children to a good school. The school building was made ready for its inaugural session on April 02, 2023, when 100 children were selected for LMS. They will be educated up to standard VIII (year 8).

Leela Memorial is spread over 4750 square meters and has seven fully furnished rooms with a further thirteen rooms under construction.

Additionally, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are also provided for the all-round development of the students.

Leela Memorial maintains a staff to student ratio of 1:24 so that proper attention and care can be given to each individual student.

The meticulous planning, constant supervision and guidance of the founder, co-founders and its trustees has made it possible for the school to achieve its mission and objectives. The ongoing support of doners serves to be a fundamental component for the success of this great noble work and the bright future of its students.

Being health conscious, LMS has started its own Eileen’s Kitchen to supply fresh,healthy, and nutritious food to its students and staff.

Leela Memorial School, Haridwar has a spacious campus, set in a pollution-free environment that is filled with a great variety of beautiful flowers and evergreen trees which imparts an aesthetic aura to its surroundings throughout the year.