Why Sponsor a Student

Why sponsor a child?

Providing access to a high-educational standard is the first step in ending the cycle of poverty in India for good.


Leela Memorial School changes everything.


A high-educational standard in English, computer science, and programming allow our students to lift their families out of poverty.

Social and cultural barriers deny children from villages the opportunity to receive an education. Many children never receive any formal education, and few complete a primary education.


Annual check-ups, treatment of illnesses and injuries, including emergency consultations and hospital visits, are part of our healthcare services.

Living in the village of Haridwar, our children are constantly threatened by illness and disease from contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unhygienic food preparation.


Most of our students come to school hungry. For breakfast, we provide a full glass of milk, a midday snack, and our kitchen staff prepares a warm “all you can eat” lunch 6 days a week.

Personal Development

Extra-curricular activities like art, music, meditation, yoga, dancing, sports, and the use of vision boards build the self-esteem and balance needed to succeed.

More than 90 % of India’s youth never use a playground, and less than 1 % under 35 years have any access to organized sports due to poverty or contributing to the family income.